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Neverwinter Nights

As multiplayer RPGs become more and more popular, it becomes difficult to decide which are worth the time and money. There is, however, one RPG that looks to stand out from the crowd. Utilizing the Dungeon Master-controlled multiplayer gameplay previously seen in Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption and the AD&D version 3.0 rule set, Neverwinter Nights has the potential to redefine online RPGaming. GameBanshee recently had the opportunity to interview the co-designer of this highly anticipated game. Excerpts from the interview are provided below:

Q: Many people consider the DM tools the most crucial factor in Neverwinter Nights‚ success...Will the DM tools give the DM running an NWN module the freedom to build certain areas of a module on an as-needed basis? If so, how difficult and time-consuming would it be for a DM to create a whole new room, for example, if he didn‚t anticipate the PCs traveling there?

A: There are a number of technical issues associated with on-the-fly terrain updates. For instance, what happens to the treasure pile that suddenly finds itself above a bottomless chasm? Or what about the plot-critical trigger that is suddenly embedded in a wall? For these reasons and others, we‚ve decided to hold off on real-time terrain alteration in the initial release. Perhaps we will have time to address the issue more thoroughly in the future. In the meantime, should the players express an interest in journeying to an unexpected location, the DM can always delay their progress until the next game session and handle it then.

Q: What will happen to characters when they die during a module? I have seen posts talking about how the person will be able to have a camera view of the rest of his companions while he awaits his resurrection, but will he lose gold, experience, or other treasure when he initially dies?

A: Correct. The default death setting for our official campaign is to provide you with a choice immediately upon death. If you just want to get back in the action, you can choose to be instantaneously raised or resurrected at some pre-defined location, such as a temple. This will probably incur the loss of a small but appropriate amount of experience. If your companions are capable of raising or resurrecting you themselves, however, you also have the option of waiting around for them to do so. While you wait, your camera will likely remain anchored to your corpse.

The full interview can be found here. Stay tuned to RPGamer for more news on this highly anticipated game as more information is made available.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [GameBanshee]
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