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July - September 2001

Vivendi to Distribute Interplay Titles 09.30.01
More Tokyo Game Show Details 09.30.01
Ubi Soft Announces Evolution Worlds 09.28.01
Yoshitaka Amano Wants You 09.28.01
Baldur's Gate Creators Honored With Award 09.27.01
Dark Age of Camelot Goes Gold 09.27.01
Working Designs Presents Arc the Lad Collection 09.27.01
Sega Spreads the Tokyo Game Show Love 09.27.01
First Star Ocean 3 Details Wash Ashore 09.26.01
From Software Reveals TGS 2001 Fall Lineup 09.26.01
Dreamcast Gets Another RPG 09.26.01
Throne of Darkness Hits Stores 09.25.01
Blizzard Reveals Diablo Battle Chest 09.25.01
Shin Megami Tensei II Delayed 09.25.01
Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 Hits North America 09.25.01
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Unleashed Into Stores 09.25.01
BioWare Sues Interplay 09.25.01
ICO Horns Its Way Onto Shelves 09.25.01
Forever Kingdom Faces Possible Delay 09.25.01
Funcom Spreads Anarchy 09.24.01
Square's Tokyo Game Show Line-Up Revealed 09.23.01
Codemasters Announces Dragon Empires 09.21.01
Divine Divinity Developers Discuss Devilish Imps 09.20.01
Harvest Moon Pre-Order Promo 09.20.01
Lufia Ships On Time After All 09.20.01
Two New Domestic Soundtracks 09.20.01
Namco Plans Tales of Fandom 09.20.01
Dokapon Headed to North America 09.20.01
New Growlanser III Details Released 09.20.01
Dragon Warrior VII Release Date Announced 09.20.01
Gothic Heading To North America 09.19.01
Origin Systems Prepares for Online Worlds FanFest 2001 09.19.01
Super Robot Taisen to Hit WonderSwan Color 09.19.01
Ex-Chaser Release Date Confirmed 09.19.01
PlayOnline Beta Test Underway in Japan 09.18.01
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Opens in Japan 09.18.01
Kingdom Hearts Invaded by Final Fantasy Stars 09.18.01
Square and WonderSwan Sitting in a Tree 09.18.01
Xenosaga Delayed 09.17.01
EverQuest Trilogy Hits Stores 09.17.01
Dragon Quest IV gets Dated 09.17.01
New Lufia GBA Info 09.15.01
Tales of Destiny 2 Ships 09.13.01
Suikoden III Information Discovered 09.13.01
Final Fantasy X Voice Acting and Merchandising Details 09.13.01
WonderSwan Boarded by Pirates 09.12.01
Sega to Bring Phantasy Star Online to PC 09.11.01
CDV Officially Announces Neocron 09.11.01
Final Fantasy X North American Release Date Set 09.11.01
Dragon Warrior 4 Release Date Announced 09.10.01
Enix Launches Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 Site 09.10.01
Shadow Hearts Gets North American Publisher 09.10.01
PSO Cross-Platform Online Gaming Plans Canned? 09.10.01
Xenosaga Promotional Material We'll Never See 09.08.01
Companies Prepare for Fall Tokyo Game Show 09.07.01
Phantasy Star Online to Offer Cross-Platform Online Gaming 09.06.01
Pool of Radiance Goes Gold 09.06.01
Hi Ho, EverQuest...Away! 09.06.01
Satoshi Iwata Comments on Spaceworld 09.06.01
Suikoden III Details Emerge in an Unlikely Place 09.05.01
Sony to Launch European EverQuest Servers 09.04.01
Taito Plans New Monster Breeder RPG 09.03.01
World of Warcraft Officially Announced 09.02.01
Atlus Bringing Tsugunai To North America 08.30.01
Two More Details on Shenmue 2 08.30.01
Vivendi Universal Secures Interplay Product Distribution 08.30.01
Japanese Baldur's Gate II Patch 23037 Released 08.29.01
CDV Software Entertainment ECTS Lineup 08.29.01
Ubi Soft Announces ECTS Lineup 08.29.01
Funcom Announces Midgard 08.28.01
Enix Announces New Online RPG 08.28.01
Interview with Jade Cocoon II Producer Kenji Shimizu 08.28.01
First Few Luna Blaze Details 08.27.01
El Dorado Gate Winds Down 08.27.01
Tomato Adventure Announced at Spaceworld 2001 08.27.01
Atlus to Release X-Box Shin Megami Tensei Title 08.27.01
Interplay Problems Creep Up Again 08.27.01
Shenmue II Events Scheduled for Japan 08.27.01
Japanese Release Date for Magical Vacation Set 08.26.01
Pillars of Garendall Released 08.25.01
Brownie Brown Developing for the GameCube? 08.25.01
Neverwinter Nights Chat With Marc Holmes 08.24.01
Nintendo Showcases Rune at SpaceWorld 2001 08.23.01
Miyamoto Discusses GameCube Zelda 08.23.01
Nintendo Announces Launch Delays 08.23.01
Larian Studios Talk About Divine Divinity Music 08.23.01
Four From From 08.22.01
Legend of Dragoon becomes Greatest Hits Title 08.22.01
Nintendo Updates on Space World 2001 Titles 08.22.01
Dragon Warrior IV Headed to North America 08.22.01
Chrono Cross Becomes Greatest Hit 08.21.01
Diablo II Patch V. 1.09 Goes Live 08.21.01
Dark Age of Camelot Enters Fourth Beta Test Stage 08.21.01
Troika to Release Arcanum Patch Following Release 08.21.01
Square Plays News Triple Triad 08.20.01
More Dragon Quest IV Details 08.20.01
Baldur's Gate II for Mac goes Gold 08.20.01
Microsoft and Discreet Sign for Dungeon Siege and Gmax 08.20.01
Atlus to Release Busin: Wizardry Alternative By Year's End 08.19.01
Bioware Releases English Throne of Bhaal Patch Version 26498 08.18.01
Victor Interactive Announces Dragon-Breeding RPG 08.16.01
Dungeon Siege Delayed till 2002 08.16.01
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Tops the Charts Again 08.16.01
Foxy Titus Prepares Takeover of Interplay 08.16.01
Dark Relic to See Light of Day 08.16.01
Project Entropia Phase II Beta Test Selection Complete 08.16.01
Saiyuki Roars onto Shelves 08.16.01
Final Fantasy Chronicles Tops Sales Charts Six Weeks in a Row 08.15.01
EVE: The Second Genesis Now Accepting Beta-Tester Applications 08.15.01
Square and nVidia Demonstrate the Future in Real-Time 08.15.01
Wild Arms 3 Details Emerge 08.15.01
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within DVD Extras 08.14.01
Pokémon Juggernaut Continues Ahead 08.14.01
New PSO V.2 Quests to Dream About 08.14.01
JoWood Acquires Rights to Gothic's Worldwide Publishing 08.14.01
Throne of Darkness Demo Released 08.14.01
Dragonriders Swoops onto Shelves 08.13.01
Legaia: Duel Saga Details 08.13.01
Enterbrain to Release PS2 RPG Creation Title 08.11.01
Sakura Taisen Headed Back to the Game Boy 08.11.01
Sonic Team Seeking Justice for Phantasy Star Online 08.10.01
Larian Studios Talk About Divine Divinity: Part II 08.09.01
Special Pokémon Crystal Gameshark Under Development 08.08.01
King's Field IV to See North American Release 08.08.01
From Software Officially Announces Rune 08.08.01
Grandia II Receives Improvements on PS2 08.08.01
Golden Sun Sequel Announced 08.07.01
Ubi Soft to Publish Shadowbane 08.06.01
Dragon Warrior IV to see PlayStation Release 08.06.01
Yet More Shenmue II Details Revealed 08.05.01
Shin Megami Tensei II Release Info 08.02.01
Konami's Igarashi Talks Castlevania, New and Old 08.01.01
Pokémon Crystal Ships 08.01.01
Genki Promotes Tamamayu Saga II 08.01.01
Interview With Squaresoft's Honolulu Team 08.01.01
Sierra's Online Store Pre-Sells Arcanum 08.01.01
Final Fantasy Tactics' Re-Release Not So Great 08.01.01
Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger Soundtracks En Route to North America 07.31.01
Pillars of Garendall Enters Final Candidate Status 07.30.01
Spaceworld Game List Released 07.28.01
Gotta Spell 'Em All 07.28.01
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Is Down But Not Out 07.28.01
BIS:Torn off the Rumor Mill 07.27.01
Growlanser II Released in Japan 07.26.01
Magi-Nation Keeper's Quest Announced for GBC 07.26.01
Larian Studios Talk About Divine Divinity 07.26.01
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Tops PC Market 07.26.01
Enix Stands at the Gate of Financial Success 07.26.01
Two New Baldur's Gate II Patches for European Versions 07.26.01
New Xenosaga Characters Revealed 07.25.01
Initial Shipment of Final Fantasy X Flies Off Shelves 07.25.01
Saiyuki Release Delayed for Two Weeks 07.25.01
Nintendo Cries Copyright Infringement 07.25.01
Dragonriders Delayed Until September 07.24.01
Vivendi and Mythic Sign for Dark Age of Camelot 07.24.01
PSOv2 to Support Broadband 07.24.01
Wizardry 9 in Limbo 07.23.01
Retro Lops Off Raven Blade 07.21.01
Square Announces PlayOnline Testing Schedule 07.20.01
Neverwinter Nights Toolset and Platform Availability Discussed 07.19.01
Final Fantasy X Hits Stores, Millions of Japanese Happy 07.19.01
Official PlayOnline Modem Announced 07.19.01
Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Sheet Music To Be Released 07.19.01
Square Wants You to Design a Monster 07.18.01
Anarchy Online and Bigben Interactive: Together at Last 07.18.01
Baldur's Gate II Patch 23037 Released 07.18.01
Final Fantasy X Promotional Extravaganza 07.17.01
Monster Gate to Claw its Way into Japanese Arcades 07.17.01
Dragon Warrior III Ships for GBC 07.17.01
PSO Servers Shut Down; New Quests Available 07.17.01
El Dorado Gate's Volume VI Price Announced 07.17.01
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Stumbles On Opening Weekend 07.17.01
And There Was Much Rejoicing...For PSO V.2 Info 07.17.01
Magic and Mayhem: Art of Magic Beta Test Announced 07.17.01
Atlus Launches Official Hoshigami Site 07.16.01
MindArk Calls For Project Entropia: Phase II Beta Testers 07.16.01
Sakaguchi Discusses Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 07.15.01
Climax Entertainment to Produce New PS2 RPG 07.14.01
Square's Plans for Final Fantasy XI 07.14.01
Baldur's Gate, BG: TotSC, BG2: Shadows of Amn, and Icewind Dale find a home on the Mac 07.13.01
Boatloads of Saiyuki Info 07.13.01
Sony Licenses dPVS Online Technology 07.13.01
Super Robot Taisen Alpha Delayed After All 07.12.01
King's Field IV Delayed Again 07.12.01
Golden Sun Tidbits 07.12.01
Financial Fantasy X 07.12.01
Rune Jade Servers To Be Shut Down 07.12.01
Taito's Rakugaki Kingdom in Early Production for Playstation 2 07.12.01
Blizzard Entertainment Granted Ruling by Federal Court 07.11.01
Ephemeral Fantasia Now Shipping 07.11.01
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within to Support Digital Cinema Format 07.10.01
Dragon Warrior 3 Passes Savings On To the Working Man 07.10.01
Anarchy Online Trial Month Begins 07.10.01
Sega Reassures Fans, PSO V.2 Still North America-Bound 07.10.01
Questions and Answers on Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 07.10.01
Namco Holds Xenosaga Press Conference 07.09.01
Demo for Anachronox Released 07.09.01
The Best Selling Game Ever? 07.07.01
Q&A with Ron Eagle 07.06.01
GBC Lufia Release Date Announced 07.06.01
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Action Figures Announced 07.05.01
Anarchy Online Problems Addressed 07.05.01
Square Contemplates Third Chrono Title 07.04.01
Square Releases Amano Art Set 07.04.01
Icewind Dale's Heart of Winter Downloadable Expansion is Released 07.04.01
Dungeon Siege Interview with Sarah Boulian 07.04.01
Final Fantasy Tactics not a Greatest Hits Title? 07.03.01
Final Fantasy Movie Soundtrack Released 07.03.01
Troika Games Chat About Arcanum 07.03.01
Final Fantasy Chronicles Issues 07.03.01
Dungeon Siege Interview: Part II 07.03.01
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Premieres In L.A. 07.03.01
Another Slew of Final Fantasy X Info 07.03.01
Square Discusses Financial Woes 07.02.01
Final Fantasy XI To Be Multiplatform 07.01.01
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