JoWood Acquires Rights to Gothic Sequel's Worldwide Publishing

JoWood Productions and Phenomedia AG have signed an agreement granting JoWood worldwide publishing and distribution rights of nine games and three future Phenomedia releases. Included in the deal is a sequel to the PC action-RPG Gothic, recently released in Germany to rave reviews. Other titles mentioned in the agreement were Far West, the western building sim, and a sequel to Cultures, a Viking strategy game.

Created by German developer Piranha Bytes, Gothic is set in a medieval prison camp and follows the story of three factions of prisoners fighting for the few resources remaining. By training one of four character classes, players become more skilled in their abilites and rise up in the prison hierarchy. Gothic has been praised by the German gaming press as a perfectly simulated fantasy world with immense freedom of actions. Although no word on the original's release in North America has been made, PC gamers should prepare themselves for a real treat when an improved Gothic sequel is released here, courtesy of JoWood.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [The Adrenaline Vault]
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