Sakura Taisen Headed Back to the Game Boy
Sakura Wars GB 2

While it has never made an appearance in North America, Sega's Sakura Taisen series has been going strong in Japan for five years now. The series is characterized by its unique combination of steam-based mech battles and dating sim components, and has yielded three home console games, including the recently released Sakura Taisen 3 for the Dreamcast. The franchise has found its way onto portables as well, and now word has come from Sega that the second Game Boy Color installment is en route.

Dubbed Sakura Taisen GB 2: Thunderbolt Operation, the game will star characters from Sakura Taisen 1-3. For the second GB installment, the battle system has been tweaked a bit, and encounters will now be visualized from a side-on view. Set to return, however, is the Live & Interactive Picture System (LIPS), which governs how story decisions are made and the emotional connection of the characters.

Importers should start saving those pennies, as the game is set for a Japanese release on the 6th of December, for a price of 4800 Yen (about $40). RPGamer will continue wishing for a domestic release, and keep you updated as far as the Japanese version is concerned.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Source: [Magic Box]
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