Hi Ho, EverQuest...Away!

With Verant Interactive's third EverQuest expansion, The Shadows of Luclin, due out in early December, fans of the popular MMORPG are beginning to wonder what to expect from the new add-on.

Verant has high ambitions in creating this new adventure, informally referring to it as EverQuest 1.5 so as to stress the huge scope of their planned changes. Besides some general upgrades to higher-detail textures and new, higher polygon models, The Shadows of Luclin will sport numerous improvements, most importantly the chance for EQ players to purchase and ride horses. After buying ones horse from a designated location, players will be allowed to summon the beast at will by using a magical whistle. Mounted characters will be able to travel distances faster than characters on foot and even be allowed to fight atop their steed, although information on the mechanics of mounted combat have yet to be released.

The Shadows of Luclin transports the EQ denizens of Norrath to the 25 new game zones on the moon of Luclin where players can encounter both new monsters and a new playable race. Verant seems poised to continue the huge success of EverQuest by keeping the game fresh and innovative to new and old subscribers alike. EQ fans will get their first chance to experience the world of Luclin December 3 when the expansion is released in North America.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [Gamespot]
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