Xenosaga Promotional Material We'll Never See

MonolithSoft and Softbank Publishing have proven yet again that Japan has all the luck RPG-wise by releasing the "Xenosaga Special Fan Book with DVD," which hit stores yesterday. Based on the upcoming Namco "prequel" to Square's Xenogears, the sixteen-page book is an impressive keepsake that many will no doubt be scouring eBay for within the next couple days.

*sigh* I want it too.

The package contains a DVD with the complete Xenosaga intro sequence shown earlier at Namco's official unveiling of the title, highlights from the game, and two tracks by Yasunori Mitsuda from the soundtrack. In addition, the accompanying book contains original character and AGWS (Gear) designs, promotional material from the Spring Tokyo Game Show, a list of the voice actors that participated in the production of the game, and comments from the development team, including character designer Kunihiko Tanaka. All of this is available for an affordable 880 ¥. Those in North America looking to get hold of a copy should expect to pay a lot more, though.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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