New Xenosaga Characters Revealed

Namco has unveiled another couple of characters from the hotly anticipated Xenosaga, as well as confirming a few details. Episode 1, as previously reported, will be the prequel to Xenogears, and takes place 10,000 years before that game. The new characters are MOMO and Jr. MOMO, which stands for Multiple Observative Mimetic Organism, is a 12 year old 'girl', a prototypical Realien. Realiens are synthetic humans developed by Vector, whose purpose is to observe Gnosis. Jr. (whether that stands for junior is unclear) is a 12-year old boy who collects old books and guns. What part these characters will play in the storyline is as yet uncertain, but it appears as though the developers are pairing off characters into counterbalanced duos at this point, at least if MOMO and Jr, as well as Chaos and KOS-MOS are any indication.

Xenosaga is currently on track for a release by the end of this year in Japan. When it will arrive in North America is uncertain, although it is expected that there will be a localization.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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