Shenmue II Events Scheduled for Japan

With September 8 just around the corner, Sega of Japan is gearing up for a massive marketing blitz to promote the release of Shenmue II in the Land of the Rising Sun. The first of these events will be the AM2 Summer Festival which began on August 26 in Nagoya. Gamers who pre-ordered Shenmue II from Dreamcast partner shops, convenience stores, or Sega's online site, D-Direct, received a participation coupon granting them entry to the Festival. Attendants will be given the chance to play a completed version of Shenmue II, to participate in Virtua Fighter 4 tournaments, to take part in numerous raffles with fun Sega prizes, and to witness various guest appearances, including a visit from Shenmue II creator and Sega legend Yuu Suzuki.

With Shenmue II serving as one of the Dreamcast's last big titles, Sega will probably continue to promote the game with future events leading up to the game's release. No promotions surrounding Shenmue II's North American release in November have been announced as of yet, but chances are gamers this side of the ocean will not be treated to such lavish functions.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [IGN DC]
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