Golden Sun Tidbits

More information about Camelot's GameBoy Advance RPG Golden Sun has become available, including the game's pricing and a few more gameplay details. The game will enable players to utilize magic on the field screen, which will allow for a number of secrets to be uncovered. New paths, treasure, and hidden passages can all be uncovered through the use of magic, which will be divided into various elemental groups. These groupings will likely correspond to the summon spells which have also been confirmed as a part of the game.

Of some interest to gamers will doubtless be Golden Sun's pricing, which has now been revealed. When the game ships on August first, it should retail for a price of 5800 yen, which amounts to roughly $47.00 US. There has been no mention of whether the game will reach North America or not.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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