Legend of Dragoon becomes Greatest Hits Title
Legend of Dragoon

If there was ever a time when it was good to be poor, that time would be now. The last couple weeks have seen the release of not one but two PlayStation RPGs as Greatest Hits titles: Final Fantasy Tactics and Chrono Cross. RPGamer has received word that these two titles will soon be joined by another green-spined brother, Sony's own Legend of Dragoon.

While the game was not greeted with the unanimous praise from reviewers that Sony would have liked, gamers still snapped it up like free beer at a football game. The game has done well enough for it to gain Greatest Hits status, and it will be available shortly across North America at the bargain price of around $20. To find out whether the game is worth picking up, head on over to RPGamer's Legend of Dragoon page and check out the reviews.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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