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Lufia GBA

According to Famitsu Weekly a new Lufia game is currently in development for the Game Boy Advance. Titled Lufia Gaiden, the game is scheduled for a February 2002 release in Japan through publisher Taito.

Although very little information is known about the new Lufia's story or gameplay, RPGamer has discovered that the game will take support 4-player linking in the game's randomly-generated dungeons. Current screenshots appear to support the idea that the 4-player dungeon explorations will be competitive with each character scrambling for the most items and treasure. These screenshots also display the capsule monsters featured in Lufia 2.

Developer Never-Land intends to set the new title in the far future of the Lufia world in order to allow for more flexibility in creating the game's story. Lufia Gaiden may serve as the first in a new series of games set in this distant future. RPGamer will keep fans updated with new information on Lufia's first GBA incarnation as soon as it becomes available.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [The GIA]
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