Diablo II Patch V. 1.09 Goes Live

Blizzard's newest patch to their hit game Diablo II has just been released. Players can download the new patch simply by logging onto Blizzard's free service or by downloading it manually through Blizzard's site.

This newest patch upgrades Diablo II to version 1.09 and implements many changes to the game, most importantly in balancing out character skills. "Decrepify" no longer reduces the damage resistance of immune monsters; past level 9, the damage caused by "Firewall" has been reduced; and "Telekinesis" will now only work on scrolls, potions, keys, gold, arrows, and bolts. Additionally, modifications to both the original game and the Lord of Destruction expansion pack have been made, as well as the fixing of some major and minor bugs. For a complete list of the changes in the newest version, players should visit Blizzard's support page.

by Robert Parry-Cruwys    
Source: [Shack News]
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