Gothic Heading To North America

Already released in Germany, Gothic, the medieval action RPG, will see a North American release after all. Xicat Interactive, a publisher with such titles as Carmageddon 3 under its belt, as well as an exclusive license to the Jane's military simulation PC titles, will be bringing the game overseas, and soon. While it has not yet revealed an official release date, the company has confirmed the title should be here by the holiday season.

Gothic is set in a medieval prison colony which has split into three warring factions. As the hero, the player is a prisoner with no skills, who must climb the prison hierarchy and gain status. With four character classes, 25 different monster types, and 250 NPCs, the game promises to be highly involving. Additionally, there is a visual feeback system, allowing players to judge the moods of characters based upon their facial expression. The overall skill level of a character at a task can also be judged by watching them perform that task; the better and smoother it looks, the better the character is at performing an action.

At this point, Xicat has not revealed any pricing information on Gothic. Interestingly, another company, JoWood, holds the rights to publish the game's sequel, so this will likely be a one-shot deal for Xicat.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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