Update on WonderSwan Final Fantasy Remake

A firm shipment date has been set for the upcoming WonderSwan remake of Square's original Final Fantasy game, scheduling the title for a December 9th Japan release and a retail price of 4800 yen (about $45). As this classic RPG draws nearer, further details have been revealed regarding the additions and enhancements made to the title. It will feature improved graphics over the original Nintendo version, as increased detail has been added to both the field map and battle character sprites. A number of additional events have also been added to the game, having previously been presented only in the form of text and dialogue. This original installment of Square's hit series will certainly appeal as a piece of nostalgia to long-time fans, as well as provide a new experience for gamers who may have never played it.

No release date has been mentioned yet regarding Final Fantasy II or Final Fantasy III, both of which were also announced for the WonderSwan by Square earlier this year. Further, there is currently no word as to whether North American gamers will be receiving these titles. If Square were to port over the second and third installments of its hit series, they would be received as new games, having been previously unreleased in North America.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [MagicBox]
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