Third Star Wars Galaxies Race Revealed

Humans and wookiees will be the first two playable races in the MMORPG Star Wars: Galaxies. This announcement came several days ago as LucasArts and Sony Online continue in the development of what promises to be one of the foremost titles in the massively multiplayer field. Humans are, well, humans, and wookiees are the large, furry creatures which anyone who has seen Star Wars will know and love. Now, the third race to be included in Star Wars: Galaxies has been named.

The third race, called rodians, are a humanoid species which have bumpy skin, flexible snouts, antennae, and multifaceted eyes. They are fast, agile, and have pointed ears and long fingers ending in suction cups. Rodian culture is known for its long and violent history, which features a number of messy little clan wars. They are best equipped to be either mercenaries or bounty hunters; that said, they are still able to be Jedi, shopkeepers, and the myriad of other player classes available in the game. Here is some concept art of the rodians:

To add to the hype surrounding Star Wars: Galaxies, which is scheduled for release sometime in 2002, Sony Online is holding a contest to guess which (playable) race will be the next revealed. The winner gets a Star Wars reference CD-ROM encyclopedia, so any interested Star Wars aficianados can head over to the game's website for more information.

by Andrew Long
Source: [Sony Online]
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