Dragon Quest Monsters II Preorders Breaks One Million
Dragon Quest Monsters II

Enix's forthcoming second installment in the Dragon Quest Monsters series is shaping up as quite a popular title. The company recently announced that they have received a total of 1.2 million preorders for Dragon Quest Monsters II - Journey of Ruka, the first chapter of the two-part GameBoy Color RPG, which is scheduled for a March 20th release in Japan.

Enix expects game sales to be closely matched for the second chapter of the game, entitled Dragon Quest Monsters II - Adventure of Iru, which has been pushed back to an April 9th release date. Enix delayed the second game after placing a price tag of 6400 yen (about $54) on each of the cartridges. Since children are a major percentage of the game's target audience, there was some concern that they would not be able to afford both titles at the same time. By spacing the releases apart, Enix hopes that fans will be able to pick up both chapters. In all, the company expects to sell about 2.3 million copies of the two Dragon Quest Monsters II games combined. No North American release date has yet been announced for these titles.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Magicbox]
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