Japanese Blue Wing Blitz Release Date Announced

Just days after announcing their latest WonderSwan Color title, Blue Wing Blitz, Square has announced the game's scheduled release date. The title should be available in Japanese stores on July 5th, for a suggested retail price of 4700 yen, or approximately $39.00 US. No mention has been made of whether this game will make it to North America.

Square has also revealed the Front Mission development team is working on Blue Wing Blitz, which should come as good news to fans of that series. Blue Wing Blitz is a strategic RPG that places the player in control of a wide variety of airships and other aircraft which engage in midair fights. Players will even be able to upgrade certain parts of their planes. Expect RPGamer to continue providing information about this game as it becomes available.

by Andrew Long    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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