Enix Reveals Endoneshia Information

Enix has divulged some of the details of their upcoming PlayStation2 RPG,Endoneshia. The game follows the story of a 5th-grader who is warped to a strange island called Endonesia accidentally. In order to get back to the normal world, the 50 gods, sealed in various rocks around the island, must be revived. There is a catch, however; to communicate with the gods, you must first obtain Emo power, which can be obtained through completing various in-game sequences. There are 17 of these powers, which draw upon the strength of emotions, and different kinds are necessary to communicate with different gods. As an interesting twist, the game will run in 10-day, real-time loops, and the world will return to its original state at the end of each loop, adding a sense of urgency.

Enix has scheduled the game for a May release in Japan, and have yet to determine what price will be charged. There is no news on whether Endoneshia will make it to North America. Keep checking RPGamer for new information on this upcoming title.

by Andrew Long    
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