New Project Majestic Mix Poll

KFSS Studios has posted another poll concerning their Project Majestic Mix- A Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu. The musical collection, which has a projected release date of Christmas 2001, has a rather unique method of selecting what songs will be included in the final product: compiling the votes of the online community through their polls and placing the most popular tracks on the CD. A number of tracks are already confirmed, but there are still a number that have yet to be decided, so every vote counts!

While Christmas 2001 is the official release date, the staff at KFSS have been working diligently, so it is possible that date could be pushed forward. Until then, fans of Nobuo Uematsu can support both their favorite songs and the project by visiting its homepage and voting on their favorite tracks. This is a very important poll, so votes are greatly appreciated. RPGamer will continue to follow this project as it nears completion, as such an endeavour can only benefit the RPG community.

by Andrew Long    
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