Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Delayed

The course of Sega's much-vaunted Dreamcast broadband adapter has run afoul. While recently released for sale at Sega's online store, demand for the peripheral has overrun supply. Due to a shortage in available units, no orders will be shipped until Tuesday. This marks the second incident in only a few months that manufacturing shortfalls have caused a highly-anticipated piece of hardware to be delayed.

A call to Sega's sales department revealed nothing to suggest a cause for the problem. The company is taking steps, however, to appease potentially incensed customers. All orders placed thus far will be shipped via 2nd-day air, compliments of Sega, and customers who paid for 2nd-day delivery will receive a full refund of shipping costs. The adapter remains on sale at for $59.95.

Thanks to Ben Breier for the news tip.

by Bill Johnson    
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