Phantasy Star Online Soundtrack Details
Phantasy Star Online

A few details have recently been announced regarding the upcoming soundtrack for the Dreamcast RPG, Phantasy Star Online. Wave-Master, the sound team responsible for most of Sega's internal titles, revealed that the album will be titled "Phantasy Star Online Original Soundtrack," and should be available in Japan as of January 24th. A special limited edition of the soundtrack will also be available, which will include a sticker of the CD cover image, and possibly other bonuses.

Although they won't be found in the game itself, the soundtrack contains lyrical versions of Phantasy Star Online's opening and closing theme tracks. One of the individuals working on the album apparently requested these songs of a Japanese singer called Loren, who recorded both songs. Anime fans may recognize Loren as the performer who sang "Thanatos" in the anime movie, The End of Evangelion, the finale of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. While it remains to be seen whether this soundtrack will be made available in North America, Wave-Master has stated that the album will carry catalog number UPCH-1049, so fans of the game's music can be sure to find an import copy.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [IGN]
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