Game Boy Advance Release Schedule Confirmed

As the Japanese Game Boy Advance launch draws nearer, GameSpot Japan has revealed a release list for Nintendo's new handheld. The list of titles certainly looks promising, and includes a number of RPGs, including, surprisingly, Warioland 4. The list includes titles slated for a release with the system's launch, as well as those scheduled throughout 2001. A complete listing can be found here. The length of this list is a good indication that handhelds and RPGs have a good future together.

There are no RPGs scheduled for release at the system's launch date; however, scheduled for March, within two weeks of the launch, is Monster Guardians, a Konami title. Another game scheduled for the spring will be Media Ring's Mugen Kukou Zero Tours, and slated for definite release in 2001 is Get Backers Dakkanya Jigoku No Skirmish, another title by Konami. Finally, there is a whole slew of titles with tentative release dates, which may or may not fall in 2001:

These release dates are for Japan, so North American release is by no means guaranteed for many of these titles. That said, many have the potential to be quite successful in North America, so expect to see at least some of them here, once the Game Boy Advance arrives.

by Andrew Long    
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