Further Growlanser II Details
Growlanser II

Atlus has released a few more details on its upcoming PlayStation2 RPG, Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice. The title, which was recently announced to be in the early stages of development, marks the company's second installment into the Growlanser series, which began with the original Growlanser in November of 1999.

According to Atlus, the game will employ a battle system known as RMC-S, which stands for "Real-time Missions Clearance System." This is a slightly modified version of the system found in the original, and aims to create a quick and action-oriented battle environment, where combat will advance rapidly and good reflexes will save lives. As well, a little more was revealed regarding earlier reports of extensive character customization within the game. Growlanser II will feature an Armor Customization System, which will allow players to create their own weapons and armor by combining various "spirit stones" with their equipment.

The game is also said to revolve heavily around the Continental Chart, which looks to be a very detailed world map. During the game's quests, the player will be able to quickly move between locations using the chart, where plot events and combat scenes can also take place. More details should be available on this upcoming title soon, as it will certainly be present at both the Tokyo Game Show this weekend and at E3 this coming May.

by Matthew Wanlin
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