Dragon Warrior VII is Almost a Reality

For those of you who visited Enix of America's website sometime this afternoon, you probably noticed in the movie that loads at the beginning that a small map appears, with a ship, a compass, and a single island in the middle. If you haven't been there, or want to refresh your memory, click here for a nice shot of it. As Dragon Warrior Monsters didn't have an overhead map, and it is assumed that its sequels will not, there was some confusion to what game this map seemed to go to.

Then, one of the RPGamer staff came across a map on Enix of Japan's website, looking just like it with these words clearly inscribed below it: "DRAGON QUEST VII WORLD MAP." Now, either Enix of America is playing with people's heads, or they are hinting at what most thought was inevitable, but were never sure of until now. It seems that Dragon Warrior VII is coming, and coming sometime soon.

Enix of America has not officially announced a North American release, but with this rather nice hint, RPGamer expects that game that sold over four million copies in Japan will definitely make it over, hopefully sometime this year.

by Doug Hill    
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