More Details on the Final Fantasy II Remake
Final Fantasy II

The release of the second Final Fantasy remake for Bandai's Wonderswan Color is fast approaching, bringing with it details on what it will and will not change. Apart from the graphics upgrades visible in the screenshots gradually being released for the game, the remake of Final Fantasy II will feature improvements affecting the deeper aspects of the game. The storyline will be expanded through additional scenes and text, making for a more fulfilling story experience. For those who groan at any news of changes to a classic game, an "Original Mode" is also included, allowing those die-hard retro gamers to play the game without all the added features of the remake.

Remaining mostly unchanged from the original version of Final Fantasy II is the gameplay, which features many systems that never returned for the later Final Fantasy games. One of these systems, the "Skill Degree" system, resembles the weapon experience system in Secret of Mana, where weapons will gain levels based on how often they are used. In addition, skills will be built up in much the same way, such as stamina being increased by taking damage during battles. The "Word Memory" system will allow a player to acquire "keywords" when talking to other characters. These can later be used to discover specific information from other NPCs. The Final Fantasy II remake will be available in Japan this May.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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