El Dorado Gate Series to be Cut Short
El Dorado Gate

Capcom recently made an announcement which will surely come as a disappointment to fans of the ongoing serial RPG, El Dorado Gate. It was decided that the series, originally intended to include a total of 24 connected titles, will be cut short. It will conclude with the seventh volume, with the overall story arc of the games being altered to accommodate this change. As well, the release of the fourth volume will be pushed back a week to April 12th. The remaining installments will be expanded to make up for the shortening of the series, with their release dates slightly altered. Volumes five, six and seven will be released on June 6th, August 8th and October 10th, respectively.

The decision was based on the discontinuation and ceased production of Sega's Dreamcast console. Although this is unfortunate news for fans of the series, who have certainly been anticipating the sequel titles, Capcom feels that at least this way the series is sure to be completed. El Dorado Gate is the latest in a series of Dreamcast game cutbacks, including other anticipated titles such as Soul Reaver 2. No word has been mentioned on the possibility of a North American release for the series, although this decision probably does not aid its chances.

by Matthew Wanlin
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