Namco Announces Xenosaga

Japan's Tokyo Game Show has begun, and with it have arrived some of the most major gaming announcements so far this year. One such revelation comes as confirmation to a very old rumor, and is sure to please RPG fans. Namco, who formed a subsidiary in 1999 called Monolith Soft, announced the official title of the company's current title, known until now as "Project X." The game will be called Xenosaga.

Fans will recall that Monolith Soft is headed up by several members of the same team who created Square's 1998 epic RPG, Xenogears. Tetsuya Takahashi, who directed that title, took the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Monolith Soft, and rumors have run wild of a Xenogears 2 ever since the company announced the development of a new RPG for the PlayStation2. Further, once Namco's subsidiary disclosed the working name as "Project X" (with the X in unmistakable Xenogears style), fans have been awaiting the official announcement.

While no further details about the game were revealed, the title alone may be enough for some fans. The obvious name reference is a good indication of what gamers can expect when Xenosaga is released in Japan this winter. RPGamer will keep you updated as more information is revealed about this new PlayStation2 RPG.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Gamespot]
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