PS2 Modem and Hard Drive Manufacturers Named
PlayStation 2

One of the trends of the current generation of videogame consoles is the reliance on third-party manufacturers that specialize in creating a certain component for the system. PS2's hard drive and modem accessories will continue this trend, calling on Seagate, a well-known PC hard drive manufacturer to produce the Playstation 2 hard drive. Modems geared toward the PS2 will be provided by many well-known modem manufacturers using the Conexant chipset.

Seagate is planning to develop two hard drive types for the PlayStation 2. One will be an external hard drive, connected through an open slot in the game console. The second will be an internal hard drive. Chances are this internal hard drive will be incorporated as a selling point for future PlayStation 2 models, allowing Sony to somewhat avoid the user base split that accessories bring to a console system.

Conexant, a company currently involved in developing chipsets for dial-up modems, has announced that manufacturers such as ASCII, Cadmus Micro, I-O Data, Melco, and TDK will be using the SmartSCM USB V.90 chipset to create modems designed for the PlayStation 2. Conexant's dedicated PS2 drivers also support TCP-IP and PPP. The USB modems should arrive in Spring 2001.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Adrenaline Vault]
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