Possible PSO Problems Perplex Players, Programmers
Phantasy Star Online

News of bugs in Sega's Online RPG, Phantasy Star Online, has appeared since its release over in Japan, so it is surprising that one has escaped detection for this long. Sega announced on Saturday that some players with a level over sixteen were experiencing connection problems if they used certain character techniques. Players on the same team as a player experiencing these problems with the online connections would experience the problems as well.

After working on the problem most of Saturday, Sega was not able to reproduce the bug. It appears that everything is ok now, but players over level sixteen should be aware that problems have occurred before. As always, any bugs experienced should be reported to Sega, where they are expected to be fixed in time for the release of Phantasy Star Online version 2.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Famitsu]
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