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Final Fantasy X

An interview with the development team behind Square's upcoming Final Fantasy X was released in a recent issue of the Japanese publication, Weekly Famitsu. This conversation took place with the project's Director, Art Director, and the Scenario, Character and Battle Designers. In the course of the interview, a number of very significant game details were mentioned which had not previously been disclosed. Courtesy of a translation by The Madman's Cafe, we are able to bring you this newly released information. The following are excerpts from the staff interview:

What kind of image does the main character have, in detail?

Nojima: Tidus is really lively. Although FFIX is an exception, FFVII and FFVIII's main characters were "cool"- Especially FFVIII's Squall. We wanted it different this time. We wanted to make the main character with a personality like FFVIII's Zell and Laguna.

On the title logo's left side, that's Yuna swinging her sleeves. The lower part of it, is that water?

Naora: That's Yuna, water and "Sin." It's a bit greedy as a logo. We had Mr. Amano draw it, with the 3 symbols shaped into one image.

Regarding "Sin," what is it like?

Nojima: An existence that agonizes the world. An existence that is present in daily life, and repeats destruction. In some means, a subject of fear.

Naora: Like a disaster with a form. I like using the expression "like a Typhoon".

What will the active field be like? It is one of the things that fans are interested in, since it will be on the PlayStation2. How will the camera angle change as the character moves? Will the world be created in full polygon?

Kitase: Normally, the camera would move around in the back of the character, but Naora wanted to make it more unique.

Naora: If the camera just follows, I get sick. I wouldn't want to have players who can't play the game because of it, so I did a lot of trials and errors. If you can imagine "this is how a Final Fantasy may look if the screen moved in real-time," that should be just like these movements.

Is there a world map, linking towns to towns?

Kitase: There is no clear difference like before. There are such things as streets and roads running between towns, which can be treated like a world map. The road can be used to travel from one town to the next, while battling.

The battle screen hasn't been released yet. How exactly will the Battles be like, in FFX?

Tsuchida: It'll be like, "That thing's gone now!?"

Yeah? Some really major changes?!

Tsuchida: Well, I was allowed to change around the system and action cuts to my desire, so I do feel that my tastes reflect strongly in it. For example, the battle and dialogues may be connected more smoothly. In some battles, the event field may directly become the battle field. Enemies would come out into the 3D field, and command prompts would come out.

Perhaps no more ATB?

Kitase: As a policy of Tsuchida, he doesn't like systems where the result changes depending on the user's reaction speed, since some users may not have as quick reflexes as others. He likes systems where the user can enjoy analyzing data and conditions for the battles- battles with more strategy.

Tsuchida: Yes. Thinking "This may happen if I do this," and coming out with that same result is the kind of thing I hold valuable. Although, it's hard to put that and coincidence together in a game. I don't like battles that can be indecently won by tapping buttons. Of course there is still an element of getting stronger by gaining Experience points.

About this time's "Theme." In FFVII the theme was "Life," in FFVIII the theme was "Love." What is the theme for FFX?

Nojima: Change. At any rate, something like "let's change," "let's change it." Game wise, it's "Travel," but story wise, it's "Change."

Kitase: At first, it was "Independence."

Nojima: But to become independent, change is a necessity.

Other fascinating details disclosed in the interview include specifics on the relationships between the currently known characters, information on the role of Summoners in the game, and more about the strange Blitz Ball game. The full interview can be found at the Madman's Cafe, and RPGamer extends its thanks to them for their translation. We will continue to bring you further news on Final Fantasy X as it becomes available.

by Matthew Wanlin
Sources: [Madman's Cafe]
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