Dreamcast Broadband Adapter Now Available

Sega has made and announcement that will soon have Dreamcast owners playing online games at blazing broadband speeds. The "Dreamcast Broadband Adapter," the console gaming industry's first broadband solution, is now available, making high-speed gaming a reality. The connector will allow the Dreamcast to access existing high-speed connections, such as Ethernet networks, cable modems and DSL services, and is compatible with most Internet Service Providers, including support for DHCP, PPP and Static IP addresses.

The broadband adapter replaces the 56k modem included with the Dreamcast system, and should be connected directly to any of the aforementioned network arrangements. The product is now available for order via the Sega Store for $59.95. Online titles such as Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament are currently supported, with intentions to add other games, such as Phantasy Star Online, to the service when they become available in North America.

by Matthew Wanlin
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