Monster Guardians Information Revealed
Game Boy Advance

Even before launch, the Game Boy Advance has a decent RPG lineup planned. Konami has thrown another RPG into the mix with the upcoming Monster Guardians, a monster simulation game for Nintendo's 32-bit portable. The game follows the recent trend of placing the player in the role of monster trainer, the goal being to collect and train the monsters that live in the game world.

Up to four monsters can travel in the player's party. The major difference between this and other monster raising games is the ability to merge monsters into more powerful forms when they reach a high enough level. Game Boy Mobile Adapter support is also available, allowing players to trade monsters over the Internet. Monster Guardians will be released in Japan at launch on March 21, 2001, though no North American release is planned yet.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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