Nintendo Makes Elusive Pokémon More Available

After doling out Celebi, the 251st Pokémon, sparingly at special events, Nintendo has now made the rare critter more widely available. On the downside, in order to be able to get ahold of it, one must own a Game Boy mobile adapter, a device which gives the Game Boy Color a greater degree of connectivity through the use of cellular phones. For those Pokémaniacs who just have to catch 'em all, however, it looks like doling out the money for the adapter is going to be the only way to truly round out a collection.

Pokémon Crystal has been out since December in Japan, and is not set for North American release for another few months. Whether or not Celebi will be available in North America in this particular form is uncertain, since at this point, the mobile adapter has not been released here either. Whatever the case, Celebi remains one of the more challenging Pokémon to get ahold of, despite the fact Nintendo has posted some tips on catching it on their official site, which is in Japanese.

by Andrew Long
Source: [US Famitsu]
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