Pokémon Crystal Coming to North America

Yet another press release praising the high sales of the Pokémon series of games has recently arrived from Nintendo. Among the usual mention of the dominance of the Pokémon name, found in six of the top ten titles of 2000, was a sidenote announcing the upcoming release of Pokémon Crystal in North America this fall.

The North American release of the newest Pokémon game comes as a surprise, for the game relies heavily on the Game Boy Mobile Adapter, allowing players to connect the Game Boy Color to a cellular phone. Thus, players of Pokémon Crystal will be able to trade and fight their Pokémon over a cellular phone network. However, given that cellular phones are not as common among the normal Pokémon age group in North America as they are in Japan, it is unknown as to how popular these features will be. Nevertheless, though most of the game resembles Pokémon Gold and Silver, there are enough updated sidequests, the ability to play as a female character, and fixes to make a purchase worthwhile for fans of the games, even if the player doesn't plan on using the cellular phone capabilities. Pokémon Crystal should make its way to North American shores in Autumn 2001.

by Justin Weiss    
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