Shadowbane Open Beta Underway

Wolfpack Studios, Inc. has entered the first phase of beta testing for their flagship title, Shadowbane. Shadowbane has been in development for over two years, and is designed to allow tens of thousands of gamers to play concurrently in a single game session. In Shadowbane, players are challenged to carve out their destiny in a world blanketed by political unrest and torn apart by storms, disease, starvation and an endless war. Players can assume the roles of warlords, kings and powerful wizards and interact with each other in a dynamic, fully interactive 3D environment.

Similar in many ways to a large-scale 3D Chat system, Shadowbane will allow players to connect via the Internet in order to unite, form armies, build kingdoms and conquer virtual territories. This beta test follows an arduous three month period of internal alpha testing of both the client and the server codebases. "We'll be executing the beta test in multiple stages," explains Keith Brewer, Director of Production Rollout for Shadowbane. "The first phase will consist of around fifty users, testing the character creation and advancement systems. From there we'll continue adding more testers as necessary to achieve the specific goals we have for each phase."

While the first stage of beta testing has now been closed, the second stage is scheduled to involve another hundred players. Anyone interested in taking part in the beta should check Shadowbane's homepage for details, as well as RPGamer, which will stay on top of what looks to be one of the more promising MMORPGs on the horizon.

by Andrew Long    
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