Camelot Planning Gamecube RPG

As was mentioned in a recent issue of the Japanese publication, 64 Dream, Camelot Software Planning has affirmed that it recently entered the preliminary stages for its next RPG title, and that it will be heading to the Gamecube. Although the console's launch is drawing near, this news comes as one of the first official announcements of an RPG for Nintendo's next system.

Camelot is nearing completion on their upcoming GameBoy Advance RPG, Golden Sun, and has stated that the Gamecube title will be next on their agenda. While they are only in the planning stages of this project, the current goal is to have something available alongside the console when it is released in Japan this July. RPG fans might recognize Camelot Software Planning from their work on the Sega Saturn's Shining series, as well as several console sports titles. We will keep you updated as information on this title and other Gamecube RPGs begins to emerge.

by Matthew Wanlin
Sources: [FGNOnline]
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