Ambrosia RPG to Utilize Coldstone Engine

As fans of the RPG creation genre eagerly follow the progress of Beenox's upcoming Coldstone development set, Ambrosia software, the title's publisher, has already begun development of the system's first scenario. Entitled Pillars of Garendall, the game will showcase the abilities of the Coldstone engine, as well as provide an exciting new RPG title for fans to enjoy.

Pillars of Garendall promises to be a massive RPG title, covering a sprawling world filled with countless locations to explore and composed of gorgeous graphics provided by the Coldstone engine. Ambrosia describes the title as an "epic fantasy role playing game," structured around action-oriented gameplay. Taking place in the kingdom of Garendall, players will find the capital city of Gidolan Keep under siege from an army of giant monsters. As the Royal Guard strives to defend the castle from its invaders, the Queen sees that the kingdom's defeat is drawing near. Upon her request, you ride with haste to the neighboring lands of Fantrima and Berglum to warn the people and to rally more troops for support. So begins the epic story of this RPG, as well as the exciting prospects of what fans will be able to create on their own when Coldstone itself becomes available later this year.

As the Coldstone engine is currently being developed as a cross-platform product, Ambrosia's Pillars of Garendall should be available for both Macintosh and PC systems. The title will weigh in at over 200 megabytes, so CD-ROM distribution is almost certainly intended, although a download may be available for those with broadband connections. Ambrosia, known for providing fans with detailed information of their game development process, has only just begun the progress log for this title, so no potential release date is currently known. However, as the version number has been listed as 1.0.0b1, it seems likely that the game is currently in its beta testing phase, and therefore not far from release.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Inside Mac Games]
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