Golden Sun Gameplay Details

Nintendo has revealed further details on Camelot Software Planning's upcoming Game Boy Advance RPG, Golden Sun. Continuing to surprise fans since its announcement at last August's Spaceworld show, Nintendo now says that the title will support four-player simultaneous play via the Game Boy Advance Link Cable. This opens up all sorts of possibilities within the game, allowing anything from cooperative questing to competitive gaming, or even more complex mini-games.

Scheduled for release in Japan this summer, Golden Sun puts players into the role of a hero with mysterious powers, travelling across a vast magical land. Although details regarding exactly how the multiplayer support will be implemented into gameplay are currently unknown, Camelot's past game experience may mark it as the best suited company for such an undertaking. Having worked on successful RPGs such as the Shining Force series, and also multiplayer titles like Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64, this is one company who is apparently capable of creating an enjoyable multiplayer RPG.

by Matthew Wanlin
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