New Shenmue 2 Character Revealed
Shenmue II will feature a new character who will apparently play a significant role in the story. The character is described as being female, red-haired, and a citizen of Hong Kong. Though little else in the way of information is available, this certainly comes as an interesting addition to what is already one of the most anticipated new releases for the Dreamcast.

More details will soon become available about Shenmue II, as Japanese gamers will be treated to both Shenmue the Movie, scheduled for January 12th, and a movie trailer of the game which will be included in the aptly named Dreamcast fighter Fighting Viper 2. Not much else is currently known about the game; all that has been revealed thus far is an expected release date of 2001 for both Japan and North America.

Mystery Redhead
 The mystery woman, courtesy of The Magic Box

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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