PlayOnline to Incorporate Custom Language

Following the previously mentioned information disclosed from Square's recent company meeting earlier this month, new details have emerged regarding gameplay within the upcoming PlayOnline network service. According to the release, Square intends to incorporate a customized language, called PML, into all PlayOnline content. PML, which stands for "PlayOnline Markup Language," will have increased processing capabilities over HTML, the standard language used on the web. According to Square, this custom language will make it possible for users to browse through information much more quickly. One representative compared the browsing experience to "flipping through a comic."

To accompany this new language, Square will be releasing the PlayOnline Viewer and Navigator, a browser specially written for PML. This program will also have email and chatting functions built into it, presumably in a similar style to current web browsers. It is not yet clear whether or not this special browser will be capable of reading HTML and browsing the world wide web. RPGamer will keep you updated on Square's upcoming PlayOnline network service as more information becomes available.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Madman's Cafe]
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