Wonderswan Color Flies In, And Boy, Are Its Arms Tired

Mostly due to the re-release of Final Fantasy for the system, many eyes have been closely watching the recent release of Bandai's WonderSwan Color. Bandai has recently outlined their plans for the system's future, expecting to ship 1.2 million units by the end of March 2001. Thirty-two games should be available at that time, with Bandai expecting 2.5 million game sales by the end of March as well.

Bandai has recently suffered some financial losses due to poor sales of their previous model of the handheld, the WonderSwan, and the price increase of semiconductor parts and LCD screens had caused manufacturing problems for the old system as well. Bandai expects their new system to sell much more easily than the original WonderSwan, hoping for a 300 million yen surplus by the end of the year. The WonderSwan Color should make its way to North America this autumn.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Magic Box]
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