Further King's Field IV Gameplay Details
King's Field IV

Accompanying recent news of the game's delay, From Software has revealed further information regarding their upcoming PlayStation2 RPG, King's Field IV. As was previously mentioned, the title is very close to completion, and is currently involved in a retuning process to take better advantage of the console's capabilities. These new game details come from that nearly finalized build of the game.

Players will take on the role of the last descendant of the kingdom's legendary guardian, with the sworn duty to protect the ancient land from the onslaught of fiendish monsters. The game will contain six magic elements: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water and Light, which were included in earlier installments of the series, as well as the new addition of the Darkness element. By combining these six basic elements, players will be able to utilize more than 30 types of magic spells, which will undoubtedly aid the task of defeating the monstrous hordes. Furthermore, the gameplay incorporates a system of growth in which elements increase in strength the more frequently they are used, resulting in different and more powerful spells. During the quest through this vast kingdom, players will be able to thoroughly interact with the terrain around them by moving or destroying certain objects. Many new paths and hidden treasures will be discovered in this manner.

Although its release date has been delayed a few months, King's Field IV is shaping up as a very impressive PlayStation2 RPG, and will certainly please fans of the series. While the title should reach Japanese stores this summer, the game's North American publisher has not yet been named.

by Matthew Wanlin
Source: [Magicbox]
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