Square Runs Final Fantasy Music Promotion

With Final Fantasy X right around the corner, Square is looking to give the landmark title some sort of publicity befitting of the tenth entry in such a beloved series. To that end, they have announced a promotion, to be conducted on The contest is fairly simple; voters can go online and vote for their favorite Final Fantasy theme song. The most popular song will then be set in a new arrangement with new lyrics, and sung by Rikki, the singer of the Final Fantasy X theme song, "Suteki Da Ne."

Once this arrangement is complete, the song will be placed on the Final Fantasy Maxi CD, which will also include the Final Fantasy X theme. Square has already started the contest, and although it is in the Japanese section of, the truly dedicated can doubtless find some way to vote for their favorite song. The promotion is located here; there is plenty of time left to enter, as Square will not close the proceedings until April 30th. Pricing and release information for the Maxi CD have yet to be revealed, and whether it will make it to North America is uncertain at best; failing that, however, import sites will likely stock the CD.

by Andrew Long
Source: [IGN PlayStation2]
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