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Square Sells Out



Square's plans for pushing the name Final Fantasy upon the world has taken a new and kitschy turn. The company has announced they plan to commence sales of Final Fantasy X 'commodities' in Japan on March 20th, a few months before the game's release in July. Included in the garish goodness is a Tidus Silver Pendant, which, oddly enough, is made of silver, and the Tidus Silver Ring, also made from silver. For the ladies, Square is pawning Yuna necklaces, and even North America won't escape this marketing blitz; the company has plans to release a Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within wristwatch here this fall.

Square has built a reputation on providing games with consistently high quality, and it looks like their merchandising plans have a similar thrust, at least based on the price tags attached to these items. The pendant will sell for 15000 yen, or approximately $129.00 US, the ring weighs in at slightly less at 9800 yen($85.00) and the necklace at $179.00. The wristwatch tops them all, however, as Square plans to sell them for $250.00 each. Square did not reveal whether they plan to sell the watch in Japan or the jewelry in North America, but had they intended to, the announcement probably would have made mention of it. Still, it cannot be definitively ruled out, and failing that, the items will doubtless be available to the truly avid online shopper.

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