Game Boy Advance Pricing and Peripherals

With the launch date of the Game Boy Advance rapidly approaching, Nintendo of Japan has announced pricing on the system, as well as its accessories. The system itself, which comes in purple, white, and a clear colour, will sell for 9800 yen. Set for simultaneous release with the system will be a Game Boy Advance Communication Cable, which allows up to four Game Boy Advance units to connect at the same time through the use of a small hub. This will sell for roughly 1400 yen. Also available will be a Battery Pack, which can be recharged completely in two hours while offering up to ten hours of continuous use, and an AC Adaptor for the seriously electricity-starved individual. These items will sell for 3500 yen and 1500 yen respectively, and come in stylish black(for those yearning for more vibrant colors, the battery pack appears to have a bright orange stripe).

Whether these prices will remain at relatively the same level upon North American release is uncertain at this point. 9800 yen translates to roughly 85 dollars U.S, but there is no guarantee that Nintendo will not change pricing for North America. The Game Boy Advance will launch on March 21st in Japan.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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