Phantasy Star Online - News
·Top Your Tree With a Phantasy Star 11.30.2004  
·German PSOX Players Go All Out 06.27.2004  
·PSO Blue Burst Notches 100,000 Beta Players 06.11.2004  
·Phantasy Star Online Tribute Album Coming In June 05.26.2004  
·Phantasy Star Online Forecasted for PC 02.25.2004  
·New Phantasy Star Online Missions 02.03.2004  
·Phantasy Star Online v1.0 Support To End 12.13.2003  
·Sega Announces Astronomical Phantasy Star Online Numbers 11.23.2003  
·New GameCube PSO Quests Available 10.08.2003  
·Dreamcast Phantasy Star Closing Its Doors 09.03.2003  
·Sonic Team's Easter Egg Hunt Still Going 04.23.2003  
·Microsoft to PSO Gamers: Bring Your Own Keyboard 04.18.2003  
·Sega Goes Solo in Europe 03.29.2003  
·Japanese Get Another Free Month of PSO 03.29.2003  
·Xbox Phantasy Star Online Coming to North America 02.06.2003  
·Phantasy Star Online Download Bonanza Revealed 12.16.2002  
·Xbox Gets Phantasy Star Online Character Goodness 10.23.2002  
·North American PSO Episodes 1 & 2 To Lack Keyboard Support? 10.10.2002  
·SEGA Announces New Phantasy Star Online Service Package 10.04.2002  
·Xbox PSO Gets A Little Better 09.19.2002  
·PSO Soundtrack Readied 08.05.2002  
·Phantasy Star Online PC Demo Available 07.31.2002  
·Phantasy Star Online Trial Information 07.16.2002  
·GameCube's Phantasy Delayed 07.15.2002  
·New Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Info Released 07.07.2002  
·Import Tidbits 06.30.2002  
·PSO, XBox Newslets 06.12.2002  
·Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Beta Testing Begins 05.30.2002  
·PSO GC Episodes 1&2 Given Release Dates 05.07.2002  
·Sega Offers GameCube PSO Answers 04.10.2002  
·PSO Captivates GameJam2 Attendees 03.31.2002  
·GameCube Phantasy Star Online Details 03.30.2002  
·Phantasy Star Online... Or is it? 03.18.2002  
·Phantasy Star Online Goes Coastal 03.17.2002  
·Phantasy Star Online ships for PC in Korea 02.04.2002  
·Phantasy Star Online Hits the PC 11.20.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Snags Yet Another Award 10.30.2001  
·Shenmue II and PSO Xbox Bound 10.12.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 Hits North America 09.25.2001  
·Sega to Bring Phantasy Star Online to PC 09.11.2001  
·PSO Cross-Plaform Online Gaming Plans Canned? 09.10.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online to Offer Cross-Platform Online Gaming 09.06.2001  
·Nintendo Updates on Space World 2001 Titles 08.22.2001  
·New PSO V.2 Quests to Dream About 08.14.2001  
·Sonic Team Seeking Justice for Phantasy Star Online 08.10.2001  
·PSOv2 to Support Broadband 07.24.2001  
·PSO Servers Shut Down; New Quests Available 07.17.2001  
·And There Was Much Rejoicing...For PSO V.2 Info 07.17.2001  
·Sega Reassures Fans, PSO V.2 Still North America-Bound 07.10.2001  
·Sonic Team Plans Anti-Cheating Strategy for PSO v.2 06.18.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 To Follow Online Payment Model 05.30.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Version 2 Delayed 05.24.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Version 2 Announced for GameCube 05.16.2001  
·PSO Version 2 Coming to North America; Servers Down 04.25.2001  
·Sega Unveils Future Plans 04.19.2001  
·Second Version of Phantasy Star Online Pushed Back 04.17.2001  
·PSO Version 2 Tidbits 04.14.2001  
·Further Information on Phantasy Star Online: Version 2 03.21.2001  
·Possible PSO Problems Perplex Players, Programmers 03.19.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online: Take Two 03.15.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Membership Grows, Append Disc Planned 03.09.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Meets Security Issues 02.13.2001  
·Yuji Naka Interviewed 02.05.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Wins Japanese AMD Award 02.04.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Soundtrack Song List Finalized 01.24.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Soundtrack Details 01.18.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Delayed 01.17.2001  
·Interview with Phantasy Star Online Localization Producer Reveals Broadband Answers 01.16.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Broadband Compatability in Question 01.15.2001  
·Sega Offers Fans a Chance to Live the Phantasy 01.13.2001  
·Continued Phantasy Star Online Problems 01.11.2001  
·Phantasy Star Online Release Moved Forward 01.02.2001  
·American Phantasy Star Online Server Information 12.30.2000  
·Mainichi Interviews Yuji Naka 12.25.2000  
·Phantasy Star Online Meets With Difficulties 12.21.2000  
·Phantasy Star Online Party Goes Off Without a Hitch 12.18.2000  
·Sonic Team CEO Speaks About Phantasy Star Online 12.16.2000  
·Sonic Team To Hold Phantasy Star Online Launch Party 12.07.2000  
·Phantasy Star Online North American Pricing Confirmed 11.29.2000  
·Sega's Phantasy Star Online Hundred Thousand Reservation Campaign 11.16.2000  
·Phantasy Star Online Fees Revealed 11.13.2000  
·Sega Shows Off Phantasy Star Online 11.10.2000  
·More Phantasy Star Online Information 10.18.2000  
·North American Phantasy Star Online in January 09.27.2000  
·Japan Dates Phantasy Star Online 09.26.2000  
·Phantasy Star Online Delayed 07.17.2000  
·New Phantasy Star Online Details Revealed at TGS 04.01.2000  
·Sega's Return to the Phantasy Star Licence Brings the Series Online 03.24.2000  
·Phantasy Star Online Update 09.23.1999  
·Information on "Phantasy Star Online" 09.11.1999  
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