PSO Captivates GameJam2 Attendees

Sega's GameJam2 show in Tokyo took on an amusement-park atmosphere as the GameCube version of Sega's Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2, led to three-hour waits for those desiring a peek. The four-player split-screen mode proved to be the most popular way to play the game, resulting in the longest lines, though a four player, one-player-per-system corner could also be found in the show hall. A network test was also announced, and should begin in Japan on May 31st.

Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 will make many improvements over its Dreamcast predecessor, including graphical upgrades, two new worlds, three new player characters, and other extras yet to be announced. The game and GameCube modem are set to debut together, and though several game/modem/keyboard packages have already been announced in Japan, little is known about the details of the North American release. The game should arrive in Japan later this year, with no concrete North American release known yet.

by Justin Weiss    
Source: [Famitsu]
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