Phantasy Star Online Hits the PC

Though it originally served as the flagship online title for the Dreamcast, Sonic Team's Phantasy Star Online has been the archetype of Sega's current platform-agnostic business model. The game has been confirmed for both Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's GameCube in North America, while Asia will also see a PC release.

Sega announced today that this latter iteration will enter into its open beta phase of testing on November 23, a process that is set to take place in the Akihabara prefecture in Tokyo. The House That Sonic Built is also hoping to cash in on the booming online gaming business in Southeast Asia, a market it is set to enter in February 2002. Sega additionally reiterated its current stance as predominantly a content provider and announced deals with three major Japanese ISPs.

PSO for the PC has been developed to run on Windows 98/ME/XP/2000, and will be available in Japan on December 20 for a price of 6,800 ¥ (~$56). There has been no word of a PC release of the title for North America.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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