New Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Info Released

Information on Sega's upcoming Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II for the Nintendo GameCube has appeared in the latest edition of Famitsu magazine, with most of the material localizing on both new features and level enhancements.

A new, previously undiscovered level known as the "Lab" was revealed in the trial version of the title currently distributed in Japan. Inside the Lab, information contributed by Hunters is processed and analyzed in order to garner more information on the natural environments of Planet Ragol.

Background aesthetics like billboards and backdrops will be present in the city of Pioneer 2. Several new mobile NPCs will be added to the environment as well.

Episode II is set in the future, on post-explosion Ragol, where monster populations are increasing in number despite the best efforts of the Hunters. A mysterious message is sent from an island by the Central Dome called Gal da Tal, with the shocking source being a survivor of Pioneer 1. The Hunters are sent in to investigate the startling discovery.

A North American release with Internet support is expected come mid-October 2002. RPGamer will provide further coverage as it develops.

by Brent Fisher    
Sources: [Games Are Fun]
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