SEGA Announces New Phantasy Star Online Service Package

Beginning October 29, 2002, the Phantasy Star Online Episodes I and II service package will be available to players of this much-loved MMORPG. For only $8.95 per month via credit card, players can download unique quests, seek out remarkable items, and uncover deep secrets. They can also be accompanied by up to three friends to explore Phantasy Star's vast universe, whether by dial-up or broadband, while PSO's universal translator system breaks down any language barriers between international colleagues.

Those who lack the finances for the service package can still enjoy the adventure, obviously minus the special features. However, offline players can still experience multiplayer camaraderie, as the game features a four-player split-screen.

Phantasy Star Online Episodes I and II will be the first online game for the Nintendo GameCube and the twentieth online game for SEGA.

by Cortney Stone    
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